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Dauphine B. Vicks
Serves as Chairman of the RCG CDC Committee and retired January 2015 from the Federal Government with over 38 years of experience.  Worked as a Warranted Supervisory Contract Specialist - Contracting Officer for the General Services Administration (GSA) with strengths in acquisition management, planning, strategic thinking, customer service and communication.

Roni Brooks
Serves as Vice Chair and Secretary for the CDC Committee with over 27 years experience as a Level II Grants Management Specialist for  the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, and daily negotiates, analyzes and administers Discretionary Grants and Cooperative Agreement Awards.

Conchita Street
Serves as Co-Chair of the RCG CDC and worked as General Counsel and Director of Contracts for the last ten years, with a total of eighteen years experience in proposal/grant writing, contract negotiations, pricing and procurement management in state and local government, federal government and the commercial arena.

Ministry Assistant,
Lauren Sharpless-Robinson
Serves as Chief Financial Officer for the RCG CDC and has over 10 years experience in Financial Management as both the Deputy Comptroller at IBM and Business Operation Manager whose responsibilities include managing multi-million dollar budgets, and providing revenue and profit targets to IBM Executive Staff.

Ministry Assistant,
Adam Vicks
Chief Information Officer
Serves as our subject matter expert in the development and execution of an entire communications lifecycle, including strategy development, implementation, measurement and evaluation.  Adam works as a Human Capital Consultant in Deloitte's federal practice with 10+ years of strategic communications and 5+ years of management consulting experience.

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